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Our Fees & Process

Hourly Project Based

$200 - $400 per hour

 2 Hour Minimum.

One Time Financial Plan

$3,000 - $15,000 depending on complexity.

Ongoing Planning

$499 - $1,500 onboarding fee

and then $279 - $500 monthly.

Hourly Project Based

Project-Based Financial Planning is offered on a fixed fee basis. The total fee is based on an hourly rate of $200- $400 multiplied by the estimated number of hours that the project will take to be completed.

Legacy Path Advisors LLC will provide Client with a quoted total fee after agreeing upon the scope of services that the Client desires. The fee will be agreed upon before the start of any work. If the Client requests additional services outside of the initial agreed upon scope of services, we will agree upon a new Project-Based fee with the additional services before pursuing the additional services.

One Time Financial Plan

One-time comprehensive financial plan covering a broad range of topics. These topics may include, but are not limited to:
·      Financial Goals
·      Cash Flow Management
·      Debt Management
·      Tax Planning Strategies
·      College Funding Plan
·      Estate Planning
·      Retirement Planning
·      Investment Analysis
·      Insurance Review & Planning  
·      Employee Benefit Optimization
·      Risk and Liability Management
·      Business Planning
Client and Advisor together will prioritize the specific areas the financial plan should address. The Client is responsible for the implementation, monitoring and adjusting of the financial plan.
We provides 30-day email support to the Client upon conclusion of the last meeting

On Going Planning

Flat Fee Financial Planning

We offer flat fee financial planning paired with expert investment advice on ongoing basis.
The Legacy Path Advisors' financial planning journey starts with the design of a comprehensive financial life strategy. This strategy is pivotal and forms the bedrock of all subsequent financial decisions. Following the initial phase of planning, we typically meet at least twice annually to revisit your financial life plan, adjusting as necessary.

Our flat fee financial planning and investment advice service encompasses:
·      Investment guidance
·      Strategies for portfolio distribution
·      Roth conversion strategies
·      Retirement strategy development
·      Guidance on investment allocation and diversification
·      Formulating a retirement expenditure strategy
·      Insurance advice
·      Tax strategy
·      Planning for health care expenses
·      Determining the optimal time to initiate Social Security benefits
·      Planning for significant purchases
·      Estate strategy
·      Employer Benefit Selection Advice

Addressing other pertinent questions as they emerge.

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